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About Me

I am a South African based photographer. My goal is not to just create fantastic photos but to leave you with a memorable experience.

I like old things that tell stories and bring life to what once was something great to the world or just to someone.  It’s like when you drive through the open spaces of the Karoo where there’s nothing and yet something fills you up so completely.

Some of my favourite things are second hand shops, old books, different textured materials, industrial lights and VERY GOOD coffee!

Photography to me is an unimaginable way of telling great stories and adding it to my book of remembrance. Making new friends along the way is an even greater reward for this passion filled job. To take pictures is an important part of my life because capturing something today that will still one day have great meaning to others gives meaning to my life here and now!

Therefor complete your ideas with effort, thought & importance so that I can capture them with a story in mind. You can add this to your book of treasures and always remember that unto this day a picture still paints a thousand words!



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