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I met Savanah a while back and although she is also a photographer and supposedly an opposition in the industry, I immediately connected with her on a friendship level and found out we have super much in common.

If you look at this stunning couple’s pics, you would never have guessed that these two are so different, yet they complement each other so perfectly.

We decided to meet up very early on a cold frosty morning at Strand in Cape Town.

These two embraced the morning chills with their hotness and even Kallie got into the moment pretty quick. It must have been the breath-taking beauty around us that got everyone on a high.

There’s just something about the fresh morning sunrise that can’t compare with anything else.

We had a blessed sun filled morning and rounded it off with a lovely breakfast at the Pyjamas and Jam Eatery.

Be sure to check them out. If you don’t know them, add them to your definite do to list when you visit the Cape.

Fantastic eatery, great food, friendly people, service with a smile and of course – very good coffee!

Hair & Make-up: Savannah Greeff

Pajamas & Jam Eatery

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