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Unexpected meetings are always the best!

One of my favourite piece of art forms are STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

The whole vibe makes me tingle inside. I find that social settings, buzzing sounds and streetlights make people come alive. The movement of it all makes me light up from the inside.

When two friends meet up for drinks and chat about everyday life the setting of a bar or a restaurant make you forget about the daily rush and swings your mood to night time fever.

These two were amazing in front of the camera and since they didn’t know each other that well it made space for some great conversation and BAVARIA Beer.

Wynandus is originally from Uppington in the Northern Cape and studied B.Com accounting at the North West University in Potchefstroom where he met up with his current girlfriend of the past seven years.

Luan grew up in the Lowveld, Mpumalanga where he studied sound engineering but currently live close to Linden in Johannesburg. He loves farming and in his spare time he makes music. He plays the guitar, harmonica, drums and piano and loves singing. SOOOO much talent! He and his girlfriend are also the founders and owners of “the L House” – a Videography Company.

They are truly two remarkable young men with amazing social skills and loads of prospects ahead!

Hope you all enjoy these magical moments…

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