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First off I would have to ask: “How hot are these two lovebirds?”

I couldn’t wait for the new Doppio Zero to open in Nelspruit. I’ve previously been to Doppio Zero in Umhlanga and absolutely loved the vibe and the amazing food. Since I am a visual story teller, presentation is everything and once again they haven’t disappointed.

So… it all started out like this – I was having my morning coffee in Doppio and as I was looking around at all the beautiful décor. My eyes caught the black and white floor tiles, the tables with the wood and cane chairs, and immediately I was transported to a little café in Cuba. I even envisioned a hat and a cigar laying on the table.

I really wanted to showcase this space as a welcoming gathering place for all food lovers, friends and of course super spicy couples…

Nick and Nichole agreed to add some extra spice to their relationship and joined me in an adventure at Doppio Zero!

Nick is quite the cool guy and was extremely excited to be photographed while enjoying his morning breakfast. Nichole is a bit shy and more laid-back and Nick  totally compliments her with his outgoing, boisterous personality.

I hope you all enjoy these lovely pics, and may I also remind you to find Nick and Nichole on Instagram (nickandnichols) and find out more about their amazing jobs.

Venue: Doppio Zero – Ilanga Mall

Make-up: Blush_ed by Petro

Models: Nick & Nichole

Jewelry: Naledi by Woolworths_sa

Bags: Nick & Nichole’s

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